Data Backup

The task of purchasing hardware, configuration, installation and maintenance need not stress you out. The reason we call ourselves Stroudtech Solution is because we are there to resolve your every tech dilemma and keep you totally stress free on this front.

A lot of people live by the belief that their snazzy laptop is infallible. Anything saved and stored on it is automatically safe. Watch out – your mistaken sense of safety is setting you up for disaster!

We get numerous calls every month from people who spilled water all over their laptop, dropped their device accidentally, or fell victim to a devastating virus. Panic strikes quickly because all that data that keeps your life running smoothly is suddenly gone! Retrieving lost data is possible but it is a serious challenge as compared to the simple strategy of copying and backing up your files and information to another location.

Services We Offer

In our solution and tech-driven world, there are a number of ways to backup data. If you are feeling confused, you are not alone!

This is where our trained IT experts can offer the guidance you need, and back your data up using the best and most convenient system, depending on the type of files you have and the technologies you are comfortable with.

Here are some of the options:

  • Dedicated work email accounts
  • A single IT platform for all work related files and documents where co-workers can collaborate, edit, and access updated documents in real time
  • The ability to access and update documents across devices (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone etc)
  • Number of additional functions like shared work calendars, voice calling, video conferencing, private social networking etc

Complete Installation Support from Stroudtech Solutions: Maximize Productivity, Minimize Trouble

At Stroudtech Solutions, we can help you leverage this technology to maximize your team’s productivity:

  • Help select the best Google Apps or Office 365 plan for your specific work needs
  • Set up work email accounts for your team and configure all the apps and functions you need to make work smoother
  • Guide your team on the various functionalities of your new IT platform and how to use it for maximum advantage
  • Update your plan as your brand grows and develops and offer round the clock troubleshooting support
  • Computer Data Backup

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