Data Recovery

This is the day everyone wants to avoid. An accidental reformatting, a physical accident or a serious virus may have damaged / corrupted your device or external drive and blanked out your data. The good news is that we can dig into the digital abyss (deep, if needed) and retrieve your valuable files and information.

What Can We Do?

With us you may find the best data recovery tech wizards, but the honest truth is that there are no miracle workers. Data recovery is not always, but can possibly be time consuming and expensive. There is also a chance that some of the data may be beyond retrieval. It all depends on the type and extent of the damage.

The good news – the success percentage is high. Our data retrieval expertise covers:

  • Files accidentally deleted from your device or drive
  • Data lost because of reformatting
  • Data lost because of a severe virus attack or corrupt file system
  • Data retrieval from a physically damaged or ‘dead’ drive or computer

Next Step

Typically, data lost because of logical failure (accidental reformatting, virus, corrupt files or drive) is easier to retrieve. Mechanical failure (physical damage to your drive or computer device) usually poses a greater challenge.


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