Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup

We do a home network installation and ever-adapting work culture, a growing number of companies are offering their employees the convenience of a work from home arrangement.

However, before you can enjoy the comfort of this setup, you need to, well, create the setup.

Our company will expect that you have good enough internet access to stay connected smoothly, as well as a secure and virus-protected home network. Viruses spread rapidly, and if a rogue program infiltrates your office IT platform or data through your home network, that will not be appreciated.

Our Experts Will Complete Your Home IT Setup

What we can do is create a complete and fully secure setup for your home so that you can enjoy all the perks of a work from home arrangement without the associated worries. Here’s how our trained team of experts can help:

  • Free assessment at home:
    • Get an appointment, and a Stroudtech Solutions expert will come by to your home, understand your requirement, examine your current wireless network system and data plan, and give you expert advice.
  • Procure an optimal voice and data plan:
    • We get preferential pricing from all the major voice and data service providers, and we can get you the best deal if you require a new connection or upgrade, as well as complete the installation.
  • Upgrade your wireless network, if necessary:
    • If you are going to be working from home, you will need an optimally functioning network. We will examine your access points and routers, and if upgrades are required, we will complete the job right from hardware procurement to installation.
  • Secure your network:
    • We will make sure all your devices are integrated smoothly and your home network is fully secure from hackers and prowlers and totally virus-protected.
  • Continued support:
    • As and when you require troubleshooting support, or data plan or network upgrades, our experts are always available to help.

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