Voice And Data Services

It is hard or perhaps even impossible to survive without a phone and internet connection. Most of us seek constant 24×7 connectivity to keep our lives ticking along hassle-free. This typically makes the task of locating a new service provider and the right phone or internet data plan urgent and stressful. The large number of service providers and data package options in the market only add to the confusion.

Stroudtech Solution Experts Will Get it Done for You!

We are here to help you make sense of the madness! Depending on your specific home / office requirements, usage patterns and location, we can help you choose the right service provider. Here’s what you get once you are in touch with our support team:

  • Interpret your needs: As market experts in this field, we can suggest the optimal voice and data plans for your specific need
  • Get you the best quotes: With preferential pricing from all the leading voice and data companies, including Rogers, Bell, Comwave, Chatr, TeTime Warner, AT & T, Verizon, Telepacific, TW Telecom, Birch, Broadvoice, Charter Communications Impact Telecom and others, we can get you the best price available in the market
  • Complete installation: Once you make your choice, our technical experts will install your phone system / internet connection and ensure that it is functioning smoothly
  • Quick turnaround time: We understand your urgency, so no waiting around or delays!

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