Office IT Setup

Whatever the scale of your business, there is no escaping that your work systems depend on your computer setup functioning smoothly. Problems occur, however, and when that happens you need the support of an expert who understands that time is precious for small businesses and status quo needs to be restored quickly and with minimum hassle.

In short, channel your valuable time and energy towards your business. If it’s anything to do with computer setup, troubleshooting or repair, leave it to our team of trained experts. Our services cover every level of IT support you might need:

A Complete Menu of Services

  • New Office Setup
    • Setting up at a new location? We will help you make the right software and hardware selections, procure products at the best rates, install your network, update your software, setup and connect your hardware devices, manage your security and have your computers functioning at optimal performance.
  • Data Backup and Recovery
    • We can create a neat, accessible and fully protected back up for your data at a secure location as well as archive old files using a system that you are comfortable with. Already lost your data to corrupt files or hardware damage? We have a team of experts who can dig deep into the digital pit and retrieve your valuable files.
  • Repair and Troubleshooting
    • Whether it is computer performance issues that are wasting your time or trouble with your hardware, our team has a passion for restoring your device performance before frustration mounts! We will diagnose the problem, troubleshoot, repair, and even make replacements where necessary.
  • Hardware Services
    • Considering buying a new photocopier – printer? Need to upgrade your scanning device? We can guide you on the best options available to fit your budget and needs, and also procure the device at the best possible rates.
  • Cloud Computing
    • With cloud computing, small businesses have access to online data storage and advanced information sharing technology that was previously affordable only for big companies. Our team of IT experts can setup a fully secure cloud-based system for your business so that you can access your office files and applications, and collaborate with co-workers anywhere on the globe.
  • Website Design
    • A good website need not cost you thousands of dollars. Creative web designing and good quality content is now accessible to small businesses, at least with us. Our web design team is ready to work with you to setup a website that showcases your brand in the best possible light.
  • Internet Marketing
    • Online marketing can put you in front of your target audience at just the time they need your service. That is the power, and it is for everyone. Our team can help you setup an online campaign that offers maximum bang for your buck.

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